Think of The Street as one giant overflowing table where our family of masterful chefs create innovative cuisine with serious crave appeal. Treat yourself to a culinary journey. Dig into a steaming bowl of ramen or a mouth-watering burger. I know it's an experience you'll want to share time and again. The Street is a place to gather with friends and family whether the occasion calls for a casual lunch, mid-week dinner out, or an after-hours drink. 

The Street Nana Lu

Adam's Nana Lu

by Chef Adam Sobel

Come in, come in, let’s make you something to eat. How about a hot meatball sandwich? A slice of our famous pie? Adam’s Nana Lu is brought to you by Chef Adam Sobel and highlights the food from his youth. Chef Adam’s always got a batch of sauce simmering on the stove and a fridge full of fresh mozzarella. He’s also got a signature ingredient… love. Featuring his Nana Lu’s very own tried and tested recipes from her family’s kitchen, we know our meals will warm your heart and soul. Fresh ingredients and authentic flavors — that’s what Nana Lu was all about and we're keeping that tradition alive.




The Street Beer & Be Merry

Beer & Be Merry

Welcome to your favorite, no muss, all thrills, neighborly watering hole. Soak up the sociable vibes while you enjoy an expertly poured, locally made craft beer or an approachable glass of vino. There's never any rush so linger by the bar and chat up the bartender for the inside scoop on the lineage of our curated beer and wine menu. Ask for a recommendation based on your flavor and finish preferences... or whatever is on your plate — we've got you covered.

Bring a friend, meet a friend, or make a new friend, either way, everyday is a good day to Beer & Be Merry.

The Street Burger Hale

Burger Hale

By Chef's Michelle Karr-Ueoka & Wade Ueoka

Award-winning local chefs Michelle Karr-Ueoka and Wade Ueoka from acclaimed MW Restaurant in Honolulu bring their twist on a modern classic with Burger Hale. Burger Hale takes traditional American hamburgers and imbues the flavors of the Hawaiian Islands. Embracing the ethnic flavors of Hawaii’s diverse culture, Chef Wade Ueoka pulls inspirations from Japanese sukiyaki, Korean spicy barbecue, and Southeast Asian cuisine to craft unique burgers and loco mocos.

Walk into Burger Hale and you'll notice the walls decorated with a gorgeous mural from post-pop artist Aaron Kai that immediately catch your eye and drop your jaw. Keep your jaw ajar while you browse our menu and contemplate which burger or loco moco to choose from. Whatever you choose, your taste buds will be delighted and your stomach will be satisfied.

By the way, the “Loco Moco” (in case you don't know what that is) is a local dish that combines cultures with rice, in our case FRIED RICE, a juicy hamburger patty, sunny-side-up egg and gravy all over.

The Street Indie Girl Wellness

Indie Girl Wellness

Nourish your mind and feed your inner wellness warrior with pure ingredients and positive vibes.

Known for our best-in-class ingredients (hello, super foods), Indie Girl is devoted to your health and the well-being of bodies in motion. After all, food is fuel. And how you treat your body shows up in your performance, whether you're an athlete, a foodie, a well-pert, or someone who just wants to feel good. So, before you head into yoga class or hit the water for a SUP session, stop in for a fresh juice, cleansing kombucha (it's on tap!), beneficial bowl, or seriously health-provoking smoothie.

EAT well.

FUEL your spirit.

SLAY your day.

The Street International Smoke

International Smoke

by Chef Ayesha Curry

Great barbecue brings people together. And that's our sole purpose: to serve bold, flavorful, satisfying, “down home” barbecue you'll want to share.

International Smoke translates the best barbecue secrets from distant places and “down home” smoke pits into a lighter take on an American favorite. Created in partnership with celebrity cook Ayesha Curry, our sole purpose is to serve bold, flavorful, satisfying barbecue you'll want to share.

Whatever your favored path — east for young coconut curry or south for Pollo a la Brasa — our smoke master has a plate for you.

International Smoke is an exotic indulgence you won't want to miss.

The Street Little Lafa

Little Lafa

by Chef Michael Mina

Super soggy salads. The same old sandwich. A protein bar with the texture of cardboard and the taste of, well, cardboard. No more. It's time for something new.

Welcome to a new kind of table where we unite the cultures of our respective motherlands and celebrate our roots together. Chef Michael Mina draws from his past, and his mother's kitchen, to bring Little Lafa to life. He combines fresh flavors from the Mediterranean and beyond and folds them into the bread of his motherland—Lafa. We call this fresh from the fold.

That's right, global flavors wrapped in hand-held pockets of awesome. Salads with serious swagger. Food so freaking delicious, it's hard to believe it does a body great. Our healthy fare tastes like it's been cooked by a Michelin-starred chef, because it was.

Live long and Lafa.

The Street Mi Almita Taqueria

Mi Almita Taqueria

by Chef Hugo Ortega

From the first Mexican-born chef to win the prestigious James Beard Foundation Award in 2017, Chef Hugo Ortega brings his passion to The Street Food Hall with his Mi Almita Taqueria experience. Based in Houston, Chef Ortega has worked his way up from the back of the house to the top of the culinary world. Mi Almita Taqueria serves real, authentic Mexican cuisine with house made ingredients and slow cooked meats.

The Street Taco Trio takes you back to the food truck or street food scene so popular around the country. Choosing from beef, chicken or pork that's been simmering in their juices and oozing with flavor, the street tacos is a taste bud nirvana. Try our FOOT-long Churros with chocolate or soft serve as a “Churro Sundae”.

Our fresh, house made salsa bar is the perfect topping for your meals.

The Myna Bird Tiki Bar

The Myna Bird Tiki Bar

Coconut beaches and mai tai dreams… take a sip and surrender to The Myna Bird.

A modern spin on the cheeky tiki bar, The Myna Bird is part tropical getaway, part foodie haven. Imagine plucking out your paper umbrella as you sip an original cocktail from a conch shell and relax in our iconic island-inspired lounge. This is what paradise tastes like. Drawing from the distinct and exotic flavors of international cuisines, our team of master mixologists have developed a menu of cocktails made from a unique mix of authentic ingredients and craft alcohols.

We have pineapple. We have rum. We have mezcal, whiskey, vodka, and more. (We said global right?)

And, we have a masterfully fresh re-mix of the classics that are so memorable, we know you'll want to share. Bring two, three, or ten of your best friends, grab a handful of straws, and let the good times (lava) flow.

The Street Ramen Bar

The Ramen Bar

In Japan, ramen is culture. It is a style of Japanese cuisine built around community and made with love. This is the idea that brought together to highly acclaimed chefs, Ken Tominaga and Michael Mina, to collaborate on The Ramen Bar. On a basic level, ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish. It consists of Chinese-style wheat and egg noodles served in a meat and fishbased broth, flavored with soy sauce, miso, and salt. Each bowl is adorned with toppings such as chashu, nori, kamaboko, naruto-maki, green onions, bamboo shoots, and a soft boiled egg. Nearly every region in Japan has its own variation and style, from the tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen of Kyushu to the miso ramen of Hokkaido.

The Ramen Bar is Chef Ken’s and Chef Michael’s variation on this popular cuisine. Our version of a Tokyo-style ramen features Ken’s personal recipes. We hope you enjoy.

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